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Faith & Sweat: Mikayla Pierce's Missionary Testimony 2019

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

Hi from Hondorus! Hi Unity Baptist! When my mom first asked me to make a video for Testimony Sunday, I wasn't really sure what I wanted to say, but this is what God laid on my heart to share with you guys.

The primary idea that comes up in my head when I look back on this year is how much change has happened in my life. I started off this year as a senior in high school and I'm ending it as a missionary in Honduras. I used to spend every day worrying about school, work, and grades. Now I worry about whether or not the kids in my class will come to know Jesus as their savior. I used to have air conditioning. Now I have lots of sweat.

But even before coming to Honduras, God had made a lot of changes in me spiritually to prepare me for the mission field. He reminded me that I can trust him to be in control of every aspect of my life. I can trust him with my plans for the future. I can trust him to keep my dad healthy. I can trust him to provide $10,000 for this trip. I can trust him to teach and prepare me to share the gospel with those around me. And he is big enough, and awesome enough, and mighty enough for every little part of my life. Even more than that, he knows how every little part fits together. God has reminded me time and time again that He is in control and everything works for His glory. Even the long, hot, sweaty days are to glorify Him.

Through the many changes I've had to face this year. God has taught me that He is unchanging, His love is never failing, and His goodness is never-ending. He is the strongest anchor through every storm. In fully trusting control of my life to him, God has shown me peace through every crazy time, joy through every sad time, and contentment in every troubled time. And I thank Him every day for His love and the blessings He's put in my life, and for the work He has done through me here in Honduras as I show His love to the kids in my school and teach them about the awesome Father that they have in our God.

The above is a transcript of a testimony video Mikayla recorded from Honduras for Unity's Testimony Sunday Service. Keep up with Mikayla and her work in Honduras through her ongoing mission blog

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