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It's what we were made for

Our Philosophy of Worship

It's all about WhoWorship is not about our band on the stage or a room full of singing people. Worship is all about God the Uncreated Creator of the Universe; our Father, our Redeemer, and our Sustainer. In our set-apart times of corporate singing, praying, and giving, we draw nearer to our God, delight in our God, and rely solely on our God for all things. Without pretense or posturing, we pour out honor and praise to our God in Spirit and in Truth.

Worship Philosophy

Serve With Your Worship

We want to provide opportunities to those gifted in the arts to glorify God with their gifts in our corporate gatherings. If you are interested in ministering in this capacity by joining the worship band, media, or audio/video serve teams, contact Avery Moodie.


Worship Pastor

Avery Moodie

Unity Worship Resources

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